The Five Rules-Rule One

You’re at a party. There’s a really great group of friends chatting over by the drink table, but you’ve been cornered by a guy who’s droning on and on about his business. Are you engaged in what he’s saying? Nope. You really want to be with that entertaining group having all the laughs over by the drinks.

Your radio listener is going through the same thing. They turned on the radio to be entertained. Are you doing that for them? Or are you droning on with facts about your business?

Listeners choose whether to engage with what’s on the air. When you choose to entertain, they choose to engage. Now you have their permission to say a few things about your business. Go ahead.

The first rule of great radio? Entertain first, sell second.

Here’s a spot that draws the listener in with entertainment before trying to make a sale.

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One Response to The Five Rules-Rule One

  1. “‘Buy a Cricket phone…’ I think they want to communicate with us.”

    Nicely executed!

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