The Five Rules-Rule Two

Quick! I want you to recite the first five billboards you saw on your drive to work this morning. What? You don’t remember? OK then, let’s try this. Tell me the first three headlines you saw on your favorite news source. No? Nothing?

OK. One last chance. Tell me one commercial you saw on TV last night. Just one.  Now we’re getting somewhere.

Our capacity to remember is a primary consideration when writing radio copy. Too often, clients demand that we cram multiple copy points into a spot. It’s our job to restrict them to ONE big idea. Just one. If the seven copy points they want in that :30 are really that important, then they each deserve their own spot. But nobody—NOBODY is going to remember seven items from one spot. (Or even three.)

If you want your radio spot to work, then follow rule two: Focus on One Big Idea.

Here’s a spot that focuses on One Big Idea—only one.

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