The Five Rules—Rule Four (a)

You’re driving. Through Iowa. Endless fields of corn. Row after row of stalks the same size, the same height, the same color.

Then it appears—a majestic live oak. Towering over all the corn around it, this tree commands your attention. Not because it’s an oak…they’re everywhere. It grabs your attention because it’s different. A standout. An outlier. The elusive purple cow.

This is actually a drive through radio advertising. Sameness everywhere. Spots with the same structure, the same voices, seemingly the same music. Being the standout among all this sameness is a key to success. But you’re writing a radio spot. How do you sound different?

Easy. Don’t write a radio spot.

Rule four—Sound Different.

Here’s a different-sounding spot that uses woven announcer structure to collapse time:

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