The Five Rules—Rule 4 (b)

How many times have you heard (or said) this: “No…let’s use another piece of music. We used that piece last time.” Or how about: “We need a new announcer…we’ve used that guy on the last four spots we produced.”

If you’re aiming for a brand sound, you’ll never hit your mark if you constantly change elements. Consistency is key to maintaining a brand sound.

When you aim for consistency, you give your brand an easily recognizable sound which makes a brand impression even if the radio is playing in the background. That’s what makes consistency a bonus for your brand.

Rule four (b) is this: Be consistent. Once you attain a brand sound, stick with it. Not for weeks or months, but for years.

Here’s a great campaign that follows the rule of consistency:

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2 Responses to The Five Rules—Rule 4 (b)

  1. Steve Shaner says:

    Great stuff! I plan to use these in my class on Broadcast Advertising this fall.

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