Your Brain on Radio

There are two sides to everything…including our brains. (And you thought it was just a lump of gray matter.) Science tells us that our brain’s two hemispheres process information quite differently. Knowing that, we can shape our writing to appeal to either the left or right brain.

When writing for radio, which side should we appeal to? The answer is 3 minutes away.

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2 Responses to Your Brain on Radio

  1. rodspots says:

    Surely you don’t mean to imply that effective radio advertising needn’t or shouldn’t include any left-brain content. As consumers, don’t we often require the “justification” provided by left-brain considerations before we’ll act on our right-brain motivations, especially when the purchase involves a sizable sum? As ad writers, if we seek to grab a listener’s attention by appealing to the emotions, but without considering the very real intellectual or practical factors that bear on the buying decision, don’t we run the risk of providing momentary entertainment without actually convincing the listener of the real value of our advertiser’s product or service? Just thinking out loud here…
    Have enjoyed your videos, Brent. It’s obvious that you have a passion for creating great radio. I’d like to talk with you about sharing these videos up at Radio Sales Cafe. Interested? Give me a call or send me an email when you have a chance.
    Best wishes for the new year.

  2. Brent Walker says:

    Hi Rod…thanks for the comment!

    It’s my belief that Radio doesn’t work as a silo–a completely isolated medium–nor should it. Radio should always be part of an integrated trans-media campaign. My point in this video is that listeners best resonate with Radio when it appeals to that part of their brain that creates pictures…the right brain. Radio is about imagination. A space that lives & breathes emotion.

    It’s axiomatic in the marketing industry that people make decisions with their emotions, then justify those decisions with facts. But that justification typically takes place after the purchase. Decisions are made emotionally…which is a very resonant place for Radio.

    If an advertiser makes the decision that a left-brained fact–say a price or a location–is required for a potential client to make their decision, then the entire spot should focus on that fact, BUT with an emotional undercurrent. Not just a force-fed repetition of the facts (over music.)

    Alternately, if the budget allows for a trans-media campaign, a wise advertiser would use Radio for the emotional aspect of the campaign, then work to drive the listener to another medium–say a website–where the listener could not only get the left-brained information (which has visual resonance) that they require to justify their decision, but could also actually make the purchase.

    In short, every medium has its own resonant point with people. It’s best to work with that resonance, rather than to try and twist one medium into the space another medium would best fill.

    And yeah…I’d love to share the videos.

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