Dialogue Writing—Chaos is Good!

Bob: Hey Jim, what’s that you’ve got there in your hand?
Jim: Why it’s the new TechDork 2500 Smart Tablet with 64 gigs of memory.
Bob: Where’d you get it?
Jim: At Greg’s Gadget Garage. It was only $495.
Bob: Greg’s Gadget Garage…don’t they have 6 convenient locations in the metro area?
Jim: Yes.
ARRRRGH! There are few things more painful to listen to than bad dialogue. How do you write good dialogue? Fire up the video and we’ll at least get started.

Here’s the link to Soundscapes Museware.

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One Response to Dialogue Writing—Chaos is Good!

  1. Jeff Hoyt says:

    This is spot on. Dialogue IS messy, yet it’s rarely written that way. I’ll be sharing this with all my sketch comedy writers at Church of Great Rain.

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